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Views on Addiction Treatment

As an addiction medicine physician my view is that addiction is a complex biopsychosocial disease that can respond well to treatment.  A detailed assessment is the first important step to formulate a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Treatment recommendations for alcohol, opiates, prescription medications, and other substance dependencies, can include :

  • medication assisted recovery including Suboxone and Methadone
  • appropriate detox, intensive outpatient programs,
  • residential treatment,
  • mutual support group meetings,
  • individual and group psychotherapy, including compassion focused therapy

There is a large body of scientific evidence which has identified addiction disorders as well as the treatment options that have been proven effective.  Addiction treatment is a long term and multifaceted approach for ongoing successful recovery, which can lead to a peaceful life.


Services begin with a comprehensive assessment. A treatment plan is established and the necessary follow-up consultations can be booked.