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Dr. Lorinda Spooner

Physician specializing in addiction medicine.

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Dr. Lorinda Spooner

Physician specialized in addiction medicine at Royal Oak Clinic in Vancouver, BC.

My Addiction Medicine practice is in Vancouver’s Lower Mainland. I help people from North Vancouver, West Vancouver, and the greater Vancouver region who are struggling with alcohol and drug dependence. This includes opiates, cocaine, cannabis, and prescription medications. Also treatable are compulsive behaviors such as eating and internet gaming. Treatment needs to be individualized.

A customized plan can include evidence-based medicine, medication assisted recovery, individual psychotherapy, such as compassion focused therapy, and referral to specific addiction programs. Compassion provides the courage to face challenges we may not want to face.

There is currently a Public Health Emergency declared by the Province of British Columbia’s Chief Health Officer regarding Fentanyl overdoses. This synthetic opioid has been found not only in heroin and cocaine but in all types of drugs such as party drugs and ecstasy.

Please talk to your children to warn them of this life threatening danger. Thank you.